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About Us

Our Qualities


We aim to provide to customers the best quality of edible and products available, using products like our premium sheets of Gelatin, our self pressed Rosin, to our AAA beef cuts of Jerky.


We aim to give you the best, with great customer service. Our website allows you to easily order and we’ll make sure its delivered to your door step.


The miracle effects of cannabis which is great for people who suffer from a variety of different diseases, disorders, and conditions, and we strive to provide accessibility for those in need!


All of our products are created from licensed cannabis producers to ensure quality, health and safety.



What our Clients are Saying

"It helps me sleep like a baby! I have lupus and many health issues but with these gummies my health has improved!"
"Absolute best gummies out there. I also found them through a distributor, but when they ran out, I found the OG right here, and for a good price. I appreciate the consistency of dose as well as the good taste of these. There are no downsides to these gummies. They are a staple in my life now. I take one each night after supper, and after an hour or so I REALLY enjoy a few shows and then sleep."
"Helps with anxiety and depression. Also helps with pelvic and lower back pain."
"I used to buy edibles from sketchy sites, until I found shipwreck’ products. Soon afterwards, these products were the only thing I needed. The ten pack is a pretty good value, 150 gummies total, if you take one gummy each evening, that lasts 150 days which just displays how great of a value the ten pack deal can be, if you can afford it. One other nice thing is that these edibles aren’t super addictive compared to other weed products, so if you need to take a break from them it’s a bit easier in terms of withdrawal symptoms, even if you quit cold turkey for a while!"
"Helps with restless legs symptoms"
"I’m not a weed person, but I’ve become such a big fan of these gummies. They help me with insomnia, restless legs, anxiety. I’m not a fan of getting high, but the high I get from these is just so relaxing and nice. Thanks for such a great product!"
"I found shipwreck from a sketchy distributor, and I’m so glad I now order directly from here. The 10 pack deal is great, it’s seemingly steep price is actually a fairly decent value because the amount of gummies you get can last for months if you’re not a heavy user. Plus the product gives a very chill high and I have yet to come across any ineffective packs in my orders."
"Greatest gummies on the market for consistency, potency and flavor. Totally adjustable dose based on the 10mg per gummy. I have sampled what feels like dozens of types of gummies and nothing is as consistent and tasty as these. My only complaint is that I can’t buy a bag of just lime, they’re my favorite flavor."
"The 20 bags for 200 is an amazing deal for a very high quality product."
"These gummies are yummy in my tummy. A good solid hit too. Very nice product."


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